What are the functional & architectural differences

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I want to know the functional & architectural differences between "Business Objects" and "Web Intelligence Reports

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What are the functional & architectural differences



 The functional differences between ""Business Objects"" and ""Web Intelligence Reports"" are:
1. Business Objects is a PC based platform, means it is needed to be installed on every computer in order to generate reports. But Web Intelligence Report runs from a server and you need a web browser and the URL to the server
2. A file named “BOMain.key” is needed to be installed in each computer that will use Business Objects. There is no such requirement for Web Intelligence Report.
3. You will use Business Objects on the computer on which it is installed. The Web Intelligence Report is available from any PC that can access the server.
4. Architectural differences: BO client uses the local drive key to send information to BO server. On its arrival, it is validated and checked. On the other hand in Web Intelligence Report web server's key is used to verify the eligibility of the user .
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What are the functional & architectural differences


Hi I am Raisa,

Here is your solution.

Business object is a software which is creating user's profile without having any knowledge of SQL coding. On the other hand, web intelligence is a report where business objects are available on a software which is like report type. This type of report supports the generation of Crystal Report Desktop and that is called business object reports. And these is generated only by web based technology.

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What are the functional & architectural differences


Functional Differences:

1. BusinessObjects client needs to be installed on every PC from where you want to build or access reports. Web Intelligence report needs just a browser & URL (of the server from where it will access Business Object).

2. BOMAIN.Key file needs to be copied on every individual PC that uses Business Object client. Web Intelligence doesn't need it.

3. You need to stick to those PCs which have Business Object client installed, Web Intelligence can let you access even when you are roaming anywhere in the world (provided the access conditions i. e. internet/VPN enabled Web Intelligence web server).

Architectural Differences :

1. Business Object Client : Client machine calls BOMAIN.key on it's local drive, that sends info to Business Object Server's BOMAIN.key, validates it, then checks it into Repository, after repository validation user can access the Business Object services.

2. Web Intelligence : User logs into Web Intelligence using InfoView from web-browser, it talks to the Web Intelligence Web server, web server's BOMAIN.key checks the privileges of that user, send info to Business Object server's BOMAIN.key, that validates the info and forwards to Repository, if it validates the info, gives access to the universe & underlying database.

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