What are the differences between CDMA and GSM

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I am an entrepreneur in the Eastern Part of Africa living in the same region. I bought a phone about two weeks ago to use in as a home phone and have not being able to use the phone since. I got to find out that the phone supports CDMA Networks whilst the sim card supplied by my service provider is compactible on GSM Network phones. I was instructed to return the phone for a GSM network support phone. Can someone assist me to know more about GSM and CDMA? Thank you.

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What are the differences between CDMA and GSM



CDMA, stands for “Code Division Multiple Access”, is a wireless technology type, which is mainly used in most of the parts in north America and some palaces in Asia,  whereas, GSM i.e. “Global System for Mobile” communication. This is predominantly used in European region and some pockets in Asia. The basic technology used by GSM is called “Time Division Multiple Access” (TDMA).

Well both mobile communication technics have their own set of pros and cons over each other. Like:

CDMA doesn’t support international roaming as GSM do. But CDMA offers superb security over GSM because of inbuilt encryption facility.

GSM supports multiple frequency-band like- 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz. CDMA supports single band- 850 MHz

Network detection is done by SIM card in GSM phones, but for CDMA phones, it is done by handset itself.

You can use any other mobile carrier’s SIM card in your GSM handset, but you do this for your CDMA handset.  

Hope this information was beneficial for you.

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