What are the difference between virus & malware?

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Hi! Folks,

Virus is the most common factor that affects our PC. I think most of the people have some idea about viruses. It destroys our necessary things. To protect our PCs, we use antivirus. But I don’t know about Malware. What is it and what is the difference between Virus and Malware. Is it just like a virus?


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What are the difference between virus & malware?


Good day!

So you have a doubt about the difference of the virus and Malware, but don't worry I will help you know it!

Malware-(malicious software) this is designed to disrupt/deny operations, an expression that means the hostile and annoying software or program code already includes different kind of viruses namely spyware, Trojan horse and many kinds of computer virus.

Virus- Programs that infect a computer and copies on its own and have a chance of spreading to other computers.

Viruses and Malware are the same kind of viruses that affect your computer but as I know the viruses have no relation with spyware and Trojan horse because, the virus is different. While Malware includes the kind of viruses which are dishonest adware and malicious functions, while the virus only does nothing but reproduce themselves and also another difference is that Malware consist of a code, script, active content and other software and other abusive behavior. It is also the most known pathway for criminals.

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What are the difference between virus & malware?


Dear Jerin,

From my point of view Malware, Virus, Trojan, Worms & Spyware is one and the same and are developed for destruction only. However, I'll try to explain Malware & Virus separately for you:

Malware: Malicious computer program, that interrupts the normal computer functioning or sends personal / computer data of a user, to unauthorized persons over the web.

Virus: A software of self-replicating code, generated illegally, in a computer program, to damage your file system, operating system, EXE & DLL files or shut down your system. Sometimes a virus attack on a computer hardware can burst all your hardware like motherboard, hard drive and processor; like Chernobyl virus. All viruses are worst because it can totally damage your computer.

Take care


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What are the difference between virus & malware?


Malware includes all malicious and unwanted programs which are security threats to the computer like Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware etc.

A computer virus is a software program that copies itself repeatedly and infects the computer. A true virus can spread from one computer to another or from one drive to another in the form of some exe files and targets the host system with its malicious code. It can be sent by internet, CD, DVD, Flash drive, USB drive etc. I use the security of Antivirus for them.

Malware is in fact a malicious software with the intention of designing to secretly access a system without the permission or consent of its owner. According to Symantec research the release rate of malicious codes and virus may be more than the legal software application. In fact Malware is not a defective software, it’s a program with very severe and harmful bugs. The malware is also known as computer contaminant or scumware. A computer virus is a type of Malware too. Typical of Malware protection that I use is Spybot Search and Destroy. It cleans up all the junk files on my computer

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What are the difference between virus & malware?

Malware is the short name for Malicious Software. It is a piece of software that comes with the mask of a genuine software, sometimes even from official sites, or as a script or code. It transmits the personal data from the computer to certain persons. Worms, spyware, viruses, Trojans, adware, foist ware etc. Are malware.
Viruses are programs or codes that spread from one computer to another.
Sometimes people call worms. Worms are special types of virus that can reproduce themselves, but they can't be attached to a program. Viruses can do that and can transmit their copies as attachment by email or downloadable file.
Even a simple virus can be a potential threat because it could eat up all the memories of the computer and can cause a system crash.


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