What are the characteristics of computers?

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What are the three fundamental characteristics of computer and what are their function?


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What are the characteristics of computers?

  • Speed – the reason why we need a computer is because it can do much more work than a human being can do with speed that we humans cannot match. We therefore end up saving time, energy and money when we accomplish much more work within a shorter period.
  • Accuracy – computer hardly make a mistake unless you provide it with wrong date or information. Computers are designed to be as accurate as possible and they have many systems and programs running in the background that ensure that everything is running well to avert any problems or mistakes.
  • Diligence – computers unlike human beings can do several tasks at the same time and produce high quality standard work when provided with correct data or information. By the very fact that they are machines, they will ensure consistency and speed in performance of their work.

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