What are the 13 things an iphone can do?

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What are the 13 things that iPhone can do which cannot be recognized by human brain? Anyone have the answer?

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What are the 13 things an iphone can do?


1. Damn you autocorrect.

2. Cover your digital tracks.

3. Delete individual calls from your call history.

4. Get a more detailed view of your calendar with the flip of the wrist.

5. Ringtones are gaudy and vibrate is still too loud. Use the camera flash instead.

6. New vibration is the new sensation.

7. Can’t be bothered to scroll up? Tap the status bar.

8. Double tap the shift key for all CAPS.

9. Need an umlaut? Tap and hold.

10. Need faster web browsing? Leave off the www.

11. Siri knows the meaning of life. And the answer is 42.

12. Send as many pictures as you want by email.

13. Forget navigating. You don’t play by iPhone’s rules. Create your own custom gestures.

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What are the 13 things an iphone can do?



Since the top 13 uses of the iPhone Smartphone is already made available in the above post, I will just explain some of it including the procedures. For the first item, the “Damn you autocorrect”, this is only to allow the Smartphone to correct or key in the correct words or phrases for those long words or phrases you usually get mistaken. To do this, go to Settings and then tap on General. Next tap Keyboard.

After that, enter the words or phrases you frequently input incorrectly together with the intended word, words, or phrases. This is a bit time consuming because you need to know the words you often get wrong. For the “Cover your digital tracks”, this is pretty similar to clearing the browsing history of the web browser in a desktop computer so that other users wouldn’t know the previous websites you visited. To do this, go to Settings, Safari, and then in Private Browsing, tap “on”.

After doing this and also to make sure that all tracks are cleared, tap on Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data. The only bad news about this is that you need to remember all the URLs you often visited because Safari will no longer be able to do it for you.

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