What is an appointment creator?

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What is an appointment creator and what is its relevance in our technology nowadays. I need to know some details about this because this is related to my report topic. I am expecting some help from you guys.

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What is an appointment creator?



An appointment creator is like a planner. It is used to store and organize future appointments that a person is going to engage in. These applications are popular nowadays because it is handy and easier to use compared with a normal planner. It is usually an application in mobile phones with features like reminder the day before or hours before.

It is quite common for mobile phones to have this as a built in feature (like calendar or reminder application). It is preferred by many because you can carry it anywhere without additional load (since it is in the mobile phone), it is easy to use (no need to write and easier to change), and it is capable of prompting the user.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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