Information needed regarding iCloud and its uses

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What is Apple's iCloud?.

iCloud Explanation needed.?

How does this work and what's iCloud

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Information needed regarding iCloud and its uses


What is Apple's iCloud?

iCloud Explanation needed.

Apple's iCloud was announced on June 6, 2011 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). iCloud service allows users to save data such as their music files, photos,applications,documents and more.Through wireless connections, files will be automatically transferred to all of your devices.

It stores user's contents for them to be able to access it with no effort. No time to time management of your files because ICloud will do it for you with no effort. What's good about this is when you purchase iCloud, you will have an extra 5gb of free storage.

Your existing music, apps, as well as your photo stream, will not count on the 5gb free storage, and if in case you will need more space for your files, you can upgrade it right from your device. You can update your iPod,iPhone or iPad to iOS5, then your applications will be automatically integrated with iCloud. When a user registers a new device, all of their iTunes files can be automatically downloaded.

iCloud makes sure all your devices have the same applications. iCloud also have back up of your information, so just in case something not nice happens, it will save you recover your files.

Applications make it possible for users to create presentations, write your reports, so users don't have to organize their documents in a very complicated way. This obviously means you can get through your documents with your latest updates on whichever device you’d be using that exact moment. And all this happens automatically with no step by step procedure.  iCloud will be a very big help to a very busy one.

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Information needed regarding iCloud and its uses


iCloud was launched by Steve Jobs,  the CEO of Apple last June 2011 at Worldwide Developer Conference. Good thing to know, some of iClouds features are now available but for a lot to come, we will just wait for Autumn 2011.

But for an early taste and needs of OS running device which is iOS 4.3.1 and iTunes 10.3  available in Beta are Apps, Books and Music (but still without iTunes Match)

iCloud is a virtual storage space where Apple users can store nine applications to work with conveniently and serves as bridge to user's devices by synchronizing via Internet or wireless connection. Devices which iClouds can work with are as follows:

  1. IPhone (3Gs and 4G)
  2. Ipod touch (3rd and 4th gen) 
  3. Ipad (1/2), Mac (OS X Lion)
  4. Windows PC (Vista and Win 7)
  5.  Apple TV 

Presently, to synchronize files from IPhone, Ipod to a computer, apple users still needs to plug their devices with an eye USB.   But with an iCloud all can be done over the air automatically,  but IPhone, Ipod touch OS should be updated to iOS 5 (once OS arrived) and all applications will be integrated to iCloud.

Question:  Which applications are applicable to iCloud?

  • Apps and Documents
  • Books
  • Back-up
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Documents (iWork)
  • Mail
  • iTunes

As stated in the Apple website, you'll get 5GB of free storage once you sign up for iCloud.

If wants for more than 5GB, price detail and billing structure isn't much detailed yet.

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Information needed regarding iCloud and its uses


Apple's iCloud is a form of "cloud"- based file sharing that has been recently launched by Apple, that allows you to synchronize and stream iTunes content on mobile platforms.

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