What is app wrapping and where do we use it?

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What is app wrapping in the context of mobile device security? How can an administrator in an enterprise use this feature to improve the security of usage for mobile devices? What does the process of app wrapping involve? How does this feature help to put management and security policies in place across device users?


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What is app wrapping and where do we use it?

In general sense wrapping is the phenomena in which we just pust an
additional layer to the inner content.It is the same with apps. 
App wrapping is a process in which we add an extra protocol layer
without making any remarkable changes to the original application.
It is used to setup some policy issues and it's done by the app
Policy related issues include user authentication,making the device
to allow the data of the app,etc.,
It helps to give some additional security features to your app.
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What is app wrapping and where do we use it?


The term “app wrapping” is the shortened term for “application wrapping”. It is the process of applying a management layer to a mobile app without having to change the original application. This process allows a mobile application management administrator to set particular policy elements that can be applied to an application or set of applications.

Policy elements may contain such things like whether or not user authentication will be required for a particular app, whether or not specific APIs like copy and paste or file sharing will be allowed, and whether or not data associated with the application can be stored on the device.

In the enterprise, this process allows an administrator to take an app, associate additional security and management features with it, and re-deploy it as a single containerized program in an enterprise app store.

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