What is all about stinger to remove smart hdd virus?

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Hello friends,

What is all about stinger to remove smart HDD virus? My friend got his 3 months old smart phone and was infected by viruses that deleted all the important files and data stored in the said mobile phone. Is there a way to remove those viruses? Give me some tips and solution for my friend’s problem.

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Vanessa Onnoya.

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What is all about stinger to remove smart hdd virus?


Hi Vanessa, 

Stinger is operating system for Smartphones it is not an antivirus I am afraid but it is a secure OS for smartphones which makes them less prone to virus attacks. To clean off the viruses of your friend's phone you may use some renowned anti viruses developed for Smartphones.

These anti viruses include Kaspersky, AVG, McAfee etc.

To avoid virus attacks You need to be careful about using smartphones and when downloading third party apps. Download only those which have good ratings and keep the smartphone free from unnecessary files. Do not log in to sites which are marked as Malware by the popular browsers. Follow these guidelines and you should be fine.

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