What is all about Mac OSx powerline network utility?

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Hi guys,

What is all about mac osx powerline network utility? I just installed a mac osx operating system in my apple laptop and was wondering what is the use of powerline network utility? I need to know the features and contribution of the utility just for additional knowledge.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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What is all about Mac OSx powerline network utility?


Hi Deborah,

Powerline Network Activity enables the user to find Powerline Ethernet devices on the Powerline network, measures data rate performance, ensures privacy, performs diagnostics and secures Powerline networks. The benefits of Powerline Network activity are:

  • It allows you to bee cost competitive 
  • The utility uses the home's existing powerline
  • It is very easy to install 
  • Throughout the whole house, it just uses your power circuit to access the Internet or PC network so it is always helpful.
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for high data reliability in noisy media conditions
  • You will get up to 85Mbps data rate on powerline.
  • 56-bits DES link encryption for security. So it becomes an advantage.
  • 3 LEDs indicate status so you know if anything is not functioning or there is a problem.

Know more about the Powerline Network Activity utility Here.

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