What is all about jQuery save in clipboard?

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Hello fellows,

What is all about jQuery save in clipboard?

A jQuery plug in can do many development in a specific clipboard, how can I save jQuery plug in on a specific clipboard?

Just explain some additional feature and some instances that is related to this one.


Mia Molly

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What is all about jQuery save in clipboard?

Hello Mia,
JQuery Clipboard is a plugin which can be used in copying text in cross browser fashion.
This used Flash player (Flash Player 8.0 or later version) in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and rest of the browsers.
It uses Internet Explorer's native method for Internet Explorer.
jQuery Clipboard is compatible with jQuery 1.2, 1.3 and other new versions of jQuery.
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What is all about jQuery save in clipboard?



Usually copying to clipboard is simply by clicking the image and selecting “copy” or pressing CTRL and C.  
But these would only work if you are running Internet Explorer.  
For Chrome and Firefox, or on other browser what you usually need is a plug-in that runs in jQuery or JavaScript.
Here’s an example of a jQuery code:
    //This function now calls a nodepath or the path to where the image is and instructs to copy on the top page
    $('li').live('click', function(){
        var path = $('#pathtonode').html();
        path = path.replace(/ > /g,".");
        //This code defines the path of the data
    //Once copy is done the code will make the program “hide” the copy window
    function addtoppath(path) {
        //The following code will indicate where the copied data should be written or saved
As you can see on the flow of the program, first the program instructs the browser to copy your target on top of a page using the nodepath.  Then once successfully copied on the clipboard, it hides it so you can continually work. Note that 'copypath' is the location of your copied data.

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