What is all about jQuery lotus notes SMS?

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Hello experts,

What is all about jquery lotus notes SMS? How are the jquery and lotus notes are related to each other with the use of any mobile SMS program? I want to learn and know more about this, please let me know so that I will be able to create a reflection for this.

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What is all about jQuery lotus notes SMS?


Hi Nelson,

These lotus notes are used for the synchronization with mobile and add with the mobile applications.
We can use these notes with Domeno web applications in several different ways by linking to jquery libraries of Google or adding as a scrip of jquery library in database or adding the jquery into the same server that is hosting the Domeno web application.
You cannot create the reflections because this programs is not related with the mobile applications but you can use if your mobile is jquery supported.
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What is all about jQuery lotus notes SMS?


Hi, Martha

This kind of Lotus Notes is widely-used to be able to sync along with your cell phone, cell apps.

These kinds of information could Domo-Web apps in different methods many of us include connection to Yahoo jquery libraries, like jquery stockpile scripts inside database or maybe include jquery about the same server will probably be web host, World-wide-web application dome.

Reflections is usually built, since the deal related to non-mobile apps, nevertheless, you could if the cellular phone is usually backed simply by jquery.

Thank you very much.

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