What is all about excel gear formulas?

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Hello experts,

What is all about excel gear formulas? Calculating formulas from excel is the best way to get the records computed correctly. I am not an expert with Microsoft excel but I am willing to learn about this matter. Of course I need your guidance along the way.


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What is all about excel gear formulas?



Excel has hundreds of formula that can be used to calculate different statistics of data. You just need to select the cell where you want the answer of the formula and enter = . You will get list of formulae and you can use them as shown in pictures.

You can get official list of formulae from this list

Thank you

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What is all about excel gear formulas?


Hi Any Hill,

I have researched the internet and Google for possible answers with your concern and I think that it is the best way to solve your problem with other Excel users. I have attached some links of forums below for your reference on this matter.

Overclockers Forum

Ih8mud Forum: Gear Calculation- Microsoft Excel

Thanks and more powers.

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What is all about excel gear formulas?


In the recent era and upcoming era computer has got the magnificent value in human’s life, and in computer Ms Excel is the program where you can do you business with as much ease as was never before.  You can do every kind of calculation even of simple data or statistical data; you can draw graphs from your data and can generate reports of different types.

First of all you may have to learn about simple formulae before trying some critical formulae, like you may have to know how to sum up, multiply, divide or get average of any two or more than two entries,

Let’s do some examples of sum, subtraction, multiply, divide and average:

For example we have data in cells

A1 =  30

B1 =  20

C1 = 15

D1 = 35

And we want to try all of above actions on these entries so first of all we will sum up all these:

For sum please type =sum(A1:D1) in you desired result cell which may be E the result will be shown in you cell E.

For subtraction, if you want to subtract B1 from Cell A1 please type =sum(A1-B1).

For multiply, if you want to multiply A1 with B1 please type =sum(A1*B1) and for division please type =sum(A1/B1). And for average please type =average(A1:D1).

These are simple formulae please first of all do practice on these and when you are of the view that you are fully familiar with these formulas then please contact me later for some critical formulae.

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