Wh my PC mouse pointer is not showing?help

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Hi guys, whenever I open my personal computer which is Windows 8 the mouse pointet is not showing at all what might be the ptoblem I did not make any changes in mouse settings and did not even changed in my PC but still the mouse pointer is not displaying due to which I’m unable to open or close any files and folders.Please help me fix it.

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Wh my PC mouse pointer is not showing?help



Don’t worry at all. This is a silly mistake lots of people do every day. I guess your mouse pointer didn't go anywhere, it’s just as you cannot see it any more. There are certain setting which anybody can alter accidently. I am suggesting you few possible workarounds, from which any one will definitely help you.

  • Function key: Every laptop has a facility of switching off the mouse pointer, with the help of certain keys, e.g. for Toshiba laptops: F5, ASUS laptops: F9. One of the most common causes is accidently pressing those function keys. Press it back, here is your curser.
  • Try changing some window settings:

    • Uncheck if checked<< "Enhance pointer precision"
    • Check if unchecked<<"Display pointer trails"
    • Uncheck if checked<< "Hide pointer while typing"
    • Check if unchecked<< "Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key"

Hope this will help you.

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