Websites are not detecting Flash Player in Safari 7

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After installing Flash player 11 on iMac Maverick and Safari 7, it just disappears. I used the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller then reinstalled Flash Player 11 for OS X but some websites still say I need to install Flash Player. The flash player icon is shown on the pages when it opens so I know it's installed. Any suggestion here? 

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Websites are not detecting Flash Player in Safari 7

You might be using an uncorrected Flash player 11; hence, check the newly fixed Flash Player for Mac. Update may be applied automatically, within 24 hours, via automatic update procedure.  Procedures in fundamental troubleshooting can be checked here.
The disappearance may be due to the conflict of a compiler of a bug in a Mac system library.  This caused the Flash Player 11 to follow procedures provided by the CPU  that are not present to support the Mac hardware.
If these do not work, maybe the installation of the Flash Player 11 onto Mac OS X is not  clean.  Please observe the steps in removing it.
Lastly, this advise from the Adobe may be of great help.
1. Check the Flash Player 11 here. Do not mount nor run it;
2. Look for "Flash Player.plugin";
3. Search the Mac HD; and 
4. Trash everything that appears;
5. Look for Mac HD > Library > Internet Plugins;
6. See if the Flash Player.plugin file is not present, then delete it;
7. Check Mac HD > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Flash Player;
8. If Flash Player folder nor the Flash Player Install Manager folder  exist, delete the entire folder; and
9. Empty the trash.


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