Web hosting company’s ftp server setup

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How is my web hosting company's FTP server setup?

Thanks in advance friends.

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Web hosting company’s ftp server setup


The leading web hosting companies right now are godaddy and hytech. The highest ranking web hosts are Lunarpages, Hostgator, IX Webhosting, Fat Cow, A2 Hosting and JustHost.

A web hosting company is a company that provides you space for files of your website on a physical server.

Go to whois.com, submit your domain name. Check for technical contact info.

There are many companies that sell web servers. It would be unprofessional to suggest one company over the other. So I will simply mention that Java and Microsoft Windows are two companies that do sell web servers.

There are a number of reputable companies that offer reliable web hosting. You should shop around and price compare to find the best reputation and best price. FatCow and IPage are two high rated companies.

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Web hosting company’s ftp server setup


Hi Hyacinth,

First of all, you should have mentioned the hosting website whose FTP server you are currently using and want to know about.

So, I will cover my answer through the most widely used FTP servers nowadays.

  • There are different FTP servers are being setting up in order to maintain the integrity and security between client and server side.
  • Basically there are two kinds of FTP servers that are rolling all over the internet, one is the FTP serverthat acts actively and the other one is FTP server that acts passively.
  • Some hosting sites use FTP mail Server in which an email is composed comprising the typical FTP commands to communicate and update its data on server.
  • Some websites use Web browser support FTP interface whereas some website use a specifically designed “client software” to update and ensure the security of their transfer protocol.
  • Viruses and illegal tools are becoming so widely available so in order to ensure the security on both server and client side some web hosting servers provide FTPS both (implicit) and (explicit) and some web hosting sites also use FTP (over SSH).

Hope this has helped.

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