Web cam problem on windows 7

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I am nikolassaha,

I have a laptop computer & i use windows 7 operating. It's very good operating but their have a problem of web cam. I can't open my web cam from windows 7. Their have no option for web cam as like windows XP. So i can't use my web cam. It's very painful for me i have a webcam in my laptop but i can't use it .I can't solve this problem but it's very essential for me. So i want to know "how can i use webcam in windows 7 from my computer.

Please give me a solution about this problem.



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Web cam problem on windows 7


Dear Nikolassah,

In windows seven, webcam software are not automatically installed as other important software does. So, I'm afraid to tell you that you have to use software in windows seven to get better quality .

Please let me inform you that there are many free webcam tools in the internet and you can obtain them totally free. If you want to more than a better quality, then you have to pay for it that you already know. ArcSoft webcam companion 2 is such kind of latest webcam tool. You can use it as a monitor also. You will be pleased to know that there are photo edit function by which you can edit them, chat function to chat in different IMs and high resolution photo as well as video capability with it.

You can use it.

Hope this will be helpful to you.


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Web cam problem on windows 7


Hi Nikolassaha,

A webcam is a wonderful device that allows one to view real time video enabled on instant messengers. However with the new version of Windows some things have changed, including how the webcam is configured. Let us check the changes.

Verify the existence of your webcam device by going to “Start>Control Panel>Devices and Printers” and looking for a webcam device. Do you see one? If you do, then you should be surprised to find out that double-clicking on the webcam icon does not show a video preview (webcam preview has been removed for Vista and Win7) but a properties window. Don’t be alarmed by this. Run any instant messaging application like Skype or Yahoo Messenger and go to video options to select your current webcam. It then proceeds to show you a video preview of your webcam device.

If you don’t see your webcam icon on your “Devices and Printers” it means that your particular webcam model needs a driver install. Look it up via the manufacturer’s site or use the install disk that came with the webcam. Then repeat the procedure above. Some webcam manufacturers include a 3rd party video preview utility that allows you to test your device and make adjustments to the color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness as well as take snapshots and videos. An example is the AMCAP Direct Show Video Capture Sample application.

There are cases involving webcam drivers that don’t seem to work on Windows 7 even after successfully installing the drivers. A workaround specifies running the installer in “compatibility mode” for either Win XP or Vista. Another method that has been proven to work is running the installer as “Administrator”.

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