Web cam and microphone Problem

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I have been using windows XP with my web cam and microphone in long time but suddenly it is not working with any Messenger. I cannot see and hear anything.

Shall appreciate if you can help me for the above subject.

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Web cam and microphone Problem


Sometimes when you are using a webcam it gets to a point where it suddenly stops functioning.

Sometimes it’s because you keep on removing your webcam from being attached to your computer when you are not using it that’s why it suddenly stopped functioning.

But sometimes it’s the other way around, you left it connected too long for how many months now and suddenly it gets tired of being connected forever and decided to call it quits.

Whatever the reason is, the bottom line is you still need to use it and you have to find a way to fix it.

While it is connected, try removing it from the Device Manager.

  1. Right-click on My Computer and then choose Properties.
  2. Click on Hardware tab.
  3. Click on the Device Manager button.
  4. Choose your webcam from the list of installed devices then click Uninstall.
  5. After it was removed, uninstall next the webcam’s software to remove its driver from the system.

After all was removed do a disk check on drive C.

  1. Right-click on drive C and then choose Properties.
  2. Click on Tools tab.
  3. Click on the Check Now button.
  4. Choose Automatically fix file system errors and then click on the Start button.

Wait for it to finish then restart your computer. After restarting, plug again your webcam in the USB port so Windows can detect it and automatically install the device if it’s a Plug ‘n’ Play. Then install its program afterwards.

If your microphone is not working, try checking if the microphone’s port at the back of the CPU is still working. Use an ordinary earphone, connect its jack to the microphone’s port and then try speaking on the earpiece. It’s a good alternative if you don’t have a microphone.

This way you can check which is faulty, the microphone’s port or the actual microphone.

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Web cam and microphone Problem


Hi Kaspian,

Please uninstall your webcam software and please install it again.

In control panel you will see camera folder, in this I hope will find your web cam.

And about the microphone please go to control panel and check the sound folder.

If is there any problem, I hope you will find it.

Thank  you.

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