We need a single sign on

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My two routers are connected by a bridge and I would like to determine what devices access our network using the two routers. I am searching how to perform network mapping.

Basically, we need a single sign on, for users to connect to our intranet when they are in the office and connect through a virtual private network where they will be able to view the intranet.

The problem is if accessing the intranet outside the office, users need to enter their active directory user name and password to validate their access via lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) because authentication falls to forms authentication. How can we avoid going through this? Thanks.

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We need a single sign on


Use the following procedure to perform the mapping on your network:

  • Open My Computer from the Windows Start Menu.
  • And then go to the Tools menu, and then click Map Network Drive.
  • A window will open, in it you will need to choose an available drive letter from the dropdown list that is located next to the "Drive:" option.
  • You will them have to type the name of the folder that you want to map.
  • Thereafter you will click the "Reconnect at login" checkbox.
  • In case the remote computer that contains the shared folder requires using a different username and a password to log in, then you will have to click the "different user name" hyperlink to and that information.
  • And then click Finish

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