Want to use an Active Directory Help !!!

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Hi everyone,

I want to use an Active Directory for username and password where in I can manage it to work with OpenLDAP.
Any user added with the same credentials and password modified in OpenLDAP shall be added and modified in Active Directory as well.
Can you please help to make this possible?
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Want to use an Active Directory Help !!!


Hi There,

To make your Queries possible, we need first to install the Pre Requisites in order to run the content you are aiming for;

Tutorials for Building an ASP.NET LDAP authentication application using ADAM;

STEP 1. ASP.NET application capabilities of validate users aligned with a directory:

a. Log In to ASP.NET.

Log In to ASP.NET

b. Create New User.

Create New User-ASP.NET

c. Display Credential for Active User.

Display Credential for Active User

STEP 2. Create ADAM Directory:

a. After Installation, create an ADAM directory on default settings. Simply follow the ADAM setup wizard by; Go to Start > All Programs > ADAM > Create an ADAM instance.

 Create ADAM Directory

 b. New Instance Creation.

New Instance Creation

c. Instance Name Arbitrary.

Instance Name Arbitrary

d. LDAP Port Number must be Default to 389.

LDAP Port Number must be Default to 389

e. Partition creation of Application data. Do take note that ADAM will not create partition since applications by default.

Creation for Application data

f. Select Installation Directory.

Select Installation Directory ADAM

g. Use Network Service Account.

Use Network Service Account

h. Click yourself as initial administrator of LDAP Instance.

Initial administrator of LDAP Instance

I. As for User Information, select LDIF Files to Import. It contains schema definitions and the data you will manage in your directory instance.

Select LDIF Files to Import

 Review and confirm selection

j. On the Summary page, Click Next to Set Up ADAM to your LDAP Instance.

Click Next to Set Up ADAM

Now you can manage ADSI for yourself for connection. When the process is done you can view your MS User Schema in the directory.

Hope this help.

Best Regards,

A. Wright.

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Want to use an Active Directory Help !!!


If you want to set up an active directory then you need to log in as an administrator and then set up the active directory accounts. If you are running on a domain and want to use this domain in active directory then it is possible to create the active user Directory.

You need to build the active directory and then you can set the users and the other related tasks to active directory as per you require. To make an active directory if you are working on server 2003 then you need to start and then to tools and from there you need to use active directory and then set up the active directory account and you will be able to solve your problem.

Once you have an active directory then you need to add users and you can do it easily. Now if you want to add a user then you need to add it in active directory and this user can use settings as you specify on the active directory.

Michal Joran

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Want to use an Active Directory Help !!!



Now I can use Active directory and can manage it to work in Open LDPA.

Thanks you both Anderson Wright and Michal Joran.

Hope you'll help me next time if I need. 


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