Want to remove system volume information files from Windows7.

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I use Windows 7 and I see everyday that the space of C drive is decreasing. I have tried to delete system volume information files quite a few times but it prevent me from doing it always. Please let me know the way out it.

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Want to remove system volume information files from Windows7.


Hi Berth,

Hope the following steps will guide you in fixing of this issue.

  1. Its better to format the system and at the time of formatting provide more space to the local disk as it should be free with bearing no pressure.
  2. Especially in Windows 7 means it takes lot when compared to XP it can be doubled the usage taken so its better to give some 35-40 GB for local disk.
  3. Even you delete any information you cannot recover more and later it cannot be modified even at later stages as the only way is to format and disk fragmentation method can be used for gaining some disk space and some cleanmgr method is also used to recover the space present in the local disk by deleting the unwanted data and not used data will be erased.
  4. Try as said above definitely there will be smooth run in the system without errors.
Thank you.

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