Want pages appear as pages appear when i write yahoo in Google

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Hi Guys,

I need help when writing yahoo in Google then pages appear in some order such as you can see this in below picture

here you can see mail, my portfolios, messenger etc.

And at many other site pages appear such as in above picture.


But when i write my site in Google those pages doesn't appear. I also want the same pages appear in Google when typing my site in Google. please any one tell me how can i do this.

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Want pages appear as pages appear when i write yahoo in Google


To set that you will need to use Search Engine Optimization. You will need to list the pages that you want to appear when you type the name of in the Google search box. Such pages that you may include to be listed when you search include pages like the home page, contacts, and the about page.

You will just need to figure out which pages to display. Once you have decided which pages to display, you will need to access the back code in the application that you are using to design and using cascading style sheets you will add those menus to be part of displayed search results.

Here is a tutorial to guide you on that:
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Want pages appear as pages appear when i write yahoo in Google


When you are searching the internet for content using Google, the results you will get will be relevant to the term you searched. The search engine will search for contents related to the keywords in your search query. Like for example, if you searched for without quotes “yahoo messenger”, Google will display contents related to the Yahoo! Messenger app and any other contents and posts that contain the words “yahoo messenger”.

If you entered your website’s URL in the search field, Google will display the pages on your website that were crawled successfully by the Google spiders. You cannot have a search result that will contain mail, messenger, portfolios, and others if your website doesn’t contain or doesn’t offer those features.

Google displays those results when searching for “yahoo.com” because that website or that URL offers those features on their website. Also, Yahoo has its own search engine just like Google that’s why you see “Search” in the search results.

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