Want to know about the Efficiency of new Zotac’s M-Series

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Hello, I need some short answers about new Zotac’s M-Series is that; how many models they are released? What are differences between those models? Which processor is used to develop this? Give me some information about USB port, Ram slot, and HDD. Is there HI-FI connectivity? How to install an operating system into this? Thank you

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Want to know about the Efficiency of new Zotac’s M-Series


Hello Margerete!

There are lots of Zotac series released in the market. They are subdivided in to 3-category-series.

1. Mag Series – commonly referred to its flat series

2. Zbox Series – comes with external Wifi, Bluetooth and other sets of antenna.

3. Zbox Nano – smaller sizes (palm-sized)

Most of the processor used with this device are Core I models. Universal Serial Bus (USB) port was developed in 1990’s. It can connect up to several devices at a time. USB ports most of the time uses copper and zinc parts of conductors. USB is known as one of the fastest ports that can transmit signals or transfer data.

RAM Slots – RAM slots are colored and paired. This inhibits the duality of the channel set and the pair. It also indicates memory channel rule, which comes first and which one is used in your system.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) – considered to be the component that holds the largest chunk of data in your computer. A device where you can save files, work in it and install operating software. Please note that operating systems were so advanced not unlike before. You have to enter commands to initiate an action. Simply by inserting the installation disc of any Windows OS and following the on-screen-guide will let you install a new OS or repair OS.

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