Want to ignore a certain address from outside sources

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Hi all

I am trying to block One External Email Address from being viewed by out Exchange Users, how can I do this? We are using Exchange Server 2007 and want to ignore a certain address from outside sources. The person sending the mails has left the company and they are creating awkward moments for my staff.  Thanks in advance!

4 – Hi all, I am trying to reduce logging on a crystal server. The server recently ran out of disc space because of business objects in a certain location was creating 100MB of logging data everyday.

I need to know how to reduce the data being logged or switch it off completely if possible.

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Want to ignore a certain address from outside sources


Hi Bob Fleming,

I have seen a lot of prospective answers for your concern. I have attached some links of good sites that help you with step-by-step procedure in Blocking email address with Exchange server 2007. Kindly click the links below:

Microsoft Technet: How to Add Blocked Senders and Domains to Sender Filter

MS Exchange: Using Exchange Server 2007 SPAM filtering features without using Exchange Server 2007 Edge Server Role.

Learnmexchange: How to Configure Exchange Server 2007 to Block Incoming emails


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