Want to create Pathfinder alias

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I would like to give an alias name to a window mount. When I am trying to do this, it demands for administrator password, but nothing happens after giving it. What do I have to do?

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Want to create Pathfinder alias



There are several ways to do this. It depends on which NFS client was installed. Try to do the following;
1. Go to NFS Servers I have Configured
2. choose the host and right click.look at the drop down list
3. Click Create Alias
4. Type the name that you want
5. Specify the mount then ok to create
To issue the mount. You have to go to Windows Explorer. Look for the menu bar,then select tools. Choose Map Network Drive. Choose alias. Please make sure to type in backslash after the name you have chosen.Choose OK.Actually , you can choose any logon in creating this. But it must be defined for your user ID. This could be the problem why the it did not push through. Check the below details:
* Choose the LIBRARY tab on the left side.Then choose z/VM Publications. Choose a release.Next select TCP/IP User’s Guide. Make sure to do this to avoid errors in the future.

I hope this have helped you.

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