Want to apply yahoo filter at my Mail

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Ji All,

I want to apply filter at yahoo mail

i have done almost all steps

1) First i create folder by name of odesk

2) After i go to option and select mail option

3) Then i select filter and select Add Filter

4) After this step put filter name as odesk

5) After it i put sender as oDesk Notification [email protected] after it select checkbok sender match case

6) Select Move to folder as odesk

These are all the steps which i have done But filer is not applied

I need help related to oDesk because i have read lot of method from internet about Facebook and other websites and i can do these but i am feeling problem in oDesk settings so give me proper answer for oDesk setting not any other.

Also tell me about

recipient:               subject:                         body:

I know what is these but i don't understand what here i write about oDesk So tell me complete detail about Odesk related

Only that person give me answer how have done these steps for oDesk

Or tell me complete detail so that i can understand every thing which i mention here


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Want to apply yahoo filter at my Mail



You can create filters in Yahoo Mail to manage or arrange your incoming emails. Once a filter is applied (based on the rules you’ve specified for that filter at the time of creation), it will check your incoming emails and automatically send them to your desired folders.
Perform the following steps to create a filter:
1. On your Yahoo Mail page, go to Options->More Options (on the top right of the page)
2. Choose Filters from the list and then click Create or Edit Filters
3. On the page that opens, click Add to create a new filter
4. Enter the filter name and then choose the options/rules you need to specify against the filter
There could be a couple of possibilities as to why your filter is not working.
1. Either your filters are not properly ordered OR
2. Your filter contains an erroneous rule in it
In order to resolve problem
(1) above, make sure that you keep the rules of your filter as simple as possible. Secondly, check that you do not have an empty filter. Empty filters override all your other filters and send all your emails to the Inbox.
In order to resolve problem
(2) above, order your filters from most-specific to least-specific. This means that the filter with most specific/stringent rules must come first and filters with the most lenient rules should come later.
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Want to apply yahoo filter at my Mail


To create a filter click on option and more option which is in the top right corner of the screen, on the left hand side, select filters.

To create your filter, see on the top bar, select add filter. Everything should be self explanatory. But you have to check that don't left an empty filter at the top of their list and if it happens by an accident then this sends all messages to your inbox, bypassing any other filters you might have. Do you have an empty filter ?

If so, then please delete it.

you can see where your mail is being directed and how your filters are working by looking for the numbers in parentheses beside your folder.


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Want to apply yahoo filter at my Mail


Log in to your yahoo mail account and click the down arrow next to ‘Options’. Then click on ‘Mail Options’ .In the next page you can select ‘Filters’ option from the list in the left hand side. It shows the details of filters you have already applied.

To add a new filter click on the button ‘Add Filter’.

In the next page you can add the name of the filter and some parameters such as sender, recipient, subject, body etc.

If you want to add the filter for odesk mails just  insert ‘odesk’ as the sender name. You can create a new folder (ODesk) to collect all the mails filtered. Here you do not need to worry about recipient ,subject and body.

After add all those details, click on ‘Save Changes’.

Your filter is successfully added.


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