VPN issue on opening documents in local machine

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Some of my remote users with VPN client are complaining that it’s taking too much time to open documents in local machine. Their laptops are connected to the main domain and not to the main site. I have enabled 50 logons in logon cache. Is it enough? Will I have to do anything else?

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VPN issue on opening documents in local machine



Here are I have given check list for resolve problem. 
(1) While connecting all user at a time server you have to check CPU and Memory usage are enough for them. (From Task Manager) if usage 100% percent you have to change it.

(2) Internet connectivity performance while there are connecting server. (Both End) 

(3) For browsing netBIOS protocol involved for name resolution. So it is better to us ip address to open remote computer. 

(4) MTU issue is most popular problem with VPN. So you can just ping your server with ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -t -l 1500 .  if you are getting reply it's OK. if you are not getting reply that problem of MTU. 

(5) You can install wire shark application on server so you will find any network threat will be their. 


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