Vodafone cannot connect to the Internet

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Hi there,

This is the error that I have every time I want to connect to Wi-fi from Vodafone. I have checked the user name and the password and they are correct. Still this error appears. Can anyone help me please to make the proper connection ?

Thank you experts !

My Vodafone

Texts.error.exception.Service Exception

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Vodafone cannot connect to the Internet



First of all, a WiFi connection can be protected in various ways. In order to connect, you have to use the same protection in your phone too.

1. Check which protection your WiFi carrier is using.

2. Then click on 'More' that is shown below in your picture.

3. Check whether the protection system is same as your provider. If not, change it to match the carrier.

4. Now, give your username and password and you should be able to connect.

Note that, not every phone is capable of using every kind of protected WiFi. So, make sure your phone supports the specific protection system.

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