VMWare Workstation vs VirtualBox which one is the best?

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I am looking for the best resolutions on my problem. I have a Core 2 Duo E4700 with 4GB DDR2 RAM and Nvidia En 8400Gs. It runs with Windows 8.1 I want to run Visual Studio on a virtual machine for coding since it installs a lot of stuffs during installation and uninstalling will be impossible. In this way, I can just remove the virtual disk if Visual Studio is no longer needed. I want to know which is better for my needs, Workstation or Virtual Box?


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VMWare Workstation vs VirtualBox which one is the best?


Per your requirement you can use any one of these two and will fulfill your purpose. But I will suggest you to use VirtualBox. Below are the few advantages of using VirtualBox for your requirement.

1.    It’s very much easier to install the VirtualBox than VMWare. Even the configuration of virtual system is easier in VirtualBox than VMWare.

2.    VirtualBox is open source. It has an open development community forum where you can get help every time you will face any issue and it will be free of cost.

3.    VMWare sells commercial license and VMWare costs more than VirtualBox. As you will use for installation virtual studio for your personal work so commercial license will not be required for you.

4.    You will get the complete VirtualBox for free with free support from the open development community.

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