VM ware crashed!!!! Someone please help me!

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Hello everyone,

I'm getting this error every time I'm copying files from my VMware to my primary OS.

Awhile ago I'm dragging files from my VM to my primary OS and suddenly I can't drag anymore.

What could be the problem ?

Can someone please help me.

Where can I get tools I am afraid to get it from the net by myself because I might get viruses from downloading files.


Cannot Use Multiple Monitors

This virtual machine cannot use multiple monitors for the following reasons:

– The virtual machine must have up-to-date VMware Tools installed and running.

Please see VMware Player Help for more information.


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VM ware crashed!!!! Someone please help me!


Hi friend,

If you are sure about virus then remove it quickly with a strong antivirus. If you downloaded that virus then use Norton Internet security or Kaspersky internet security.  Use a latest and updated antivirus to clean up that virus and then use pc cleaner to remove unnecessary files or folders. Then restart computer.

If your virtual machine software is totally corrupted then remove it and use a new copy of that software for installation. After that create a new VM using extended HDD and restore previous session.

You don’t tell about your VM software. So I don’t know which software are you using. Try to use Sun Virtual Box for VM. It is better than others.

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VM ware crashed!!!! Someone please help me!


That could be a problem with the VMware tools on your computer. 

Some actions that you might have performed on the computer may have caused them to have problems, or they are just corrupt, and therefore as a workaround to that problem you will need to do the following:

  • Uninstall the VMware applications and all tools related to it.
  • Reinstall the VMware tools on the machine and see it is going to work.

You can also check if there are any log files in the VMware that could give you on what is the possible cause of the error and then use them to troubleshoot the problem.

Clair Charles


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