VM Error When Reinstalling SRE

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Hi, I’ve had an issue in my VM environment and have had to uninstall my SRE software. I am now attempting to reinstall my SRE but keep on receiving the error message below. How do I fix this error so that I continue to install my SRE software? Thanks in advance for your help.

%Error:  Couldn't open ftp://*****:*****@x.x.x.x/sre-v-k9-r.SPA.smv.2.0.1.pkg.install.sre
Execution of script sre-v-k9-r.SPA.smv.2.0.1.pkg.install.sre failed, installation aborted.
This is the command I am using to install the package:
service-module sm1/0 install url ftp://username:[email protected]/sre-v-k9-r.SPA.smv.2.0.1.pkg
Here is the status output:
Service Module is Cisco SM1/0
Service Module supports session via tty line 67
Service Module is in Steady state
Service Module heartbeat-reset is enabled
Getting status from the Service Module, please wait…
Module resource information:
CPU Frequency: 1865 MHz
Memory Size: 2530MB
Disk 0 Size: 500107 MB
Disk 1 Size: 500107 MB
Disk 2 Size: 2055 MB
no install/uninstall in progress
no local partition

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VM Error When Reinstalling SRE


I’m not sure if that will work and I haven’t done that yet where you install an application and accessing the installer using ftp method.

We use ftp in our office before but we use it to transfer or copy some files from a remote computer but not in installing a program.

If you are sure that this method you are doing will work then try restarting your computer and then try it again. Make sure your computer’s internet connection is stable so you can use ftp with it.

If that method still doesn’t work after trying it again, why not try downloading the file first on your local hard drive and then do the installation after that.

That way, you are accessing the installer directly from your local hard drive and not from a remote connection.

Download the file first using ftp, if you prefer this method or you can use an application to download the file from its URL. Proceed on installing the file after successfully downloading it.

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