Visual Studio There is a missing project subtype

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Last night I saved a project and now when I want to continue the project and when I want to load the project this error message appears and I think I’ve lost my project. I don’t know what to do next and how to load this project properly so please can anyone help me please to load my project ? Is there a chance to recover my work ?

Thank you !

Microsoft Visual Studio

The project file

“C:UsersuserAppDataLocalTemp32jtSser.speTempAndroidApplication15.csproj” cannot be opened.

There is a missing project subtype.

Subtype: “{ERBA0AD7-SA72-4C68-AF49-83D382785DCF}” is unsupported by this installation.

OK Help

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Visual Studio There is a missing project subtype



Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the best IDEs available for programming. The problem is happening to your Visual Studio 2012 is because of lack of some core components. Perhaps, you’ve forgotten to install Visual Studio SDK. It is important to make extension compatibility so that programs run perfectly. Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 SDK.

Also, you can do is, uninstall Visual Studio, delete all the files and registries left over by Visual Studio and install the IDE again.

Now, your problem should have solved.

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