Virus remnants on my PC

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My child downloaded a video conversion tool from the internet and with it came other files that were too installed in the computer. I noticed them when I did a PC clean up with an antivirus and deleted all of them (as I thought at the time). However, I now notice some unidentified processes running in the task manager. Whenever I look for them in the programs lists in Windows 8.1, they are not available. Where can I find them? How do I delete them?

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Virus remnants on my PC


To Detect and Remove Hidden Viruses Viruses makes our computer files unusable, as they crash and do not function. Some anti-virus programs, too, cannot detect them. Trojan horse viruses are hard to detect and they slowly remove our computer files and programs. They have their own certain routine, but they also follow one basic pattern.

To remove them

1. First , make a restore point of your computer, because, if something goes wrong, you can get back to your normal state of your computer.

2. Then in the internet explorer clear all the cookies and temporary files.

3. Close all the running programs, and in the start search box go to run.

4. Type %temp% in there. A list appears.

5. Click edit, select all the files. There also appears a dialog box to select hidden files, select and click delete.

6. Make sure there isn’t any processes running which are hidden by going into the task manager.

7. Repeat the above steps until all the hidden files are deleted.

This will delete the hidden files that are a good place for viruses to reside in.

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Virus remnants on my PC


I don’t think it is a virus. If you are sure the applications that had been installed on your computer belonged to the video conversion software then there is no danger of getting infected as long as the virus scan results are positive. But the problem is you’ve deleted the software including the accompanying programs instead of uninstalling them.

If you cannot identify the processes running on your system using the Windows Task Manager then they probably belong to the video conversion application. You will not be able to remove them from your system because you have literally deleted the main application that runs the processes. If you want to remove unwanted applications on your computer, remember to uninstall them and not delete them.

Because an application is not an ordinary file that you will easily throw to the Recycle Bin. They are linked to different components in the system. To possibly fix the problem, try installing the video conversion software again. Once installed, follow the normal process of uninstalling a program using the Add or Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.

Uninstall the video conversion tool using the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel once it is installed and the problem should be fixed.

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