Virus encrypt infection from an Encrypted email file

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I have an email client that downloads all my emails, the recently I received an email with a key encryption tha I had to enter in-oder to read. Later the computer started to respond slowly and I suspected it to be a malware, is it possible to get a malware in an encrypted file? if so how can the anti-virus scan for encrypted files without the key for decription? How can I safegurad myself against threats from such malwares

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Virus encrypt infection from an Encrypted email file


That is a very unusual email to read. With all the emails I received, I haven’t encountered even once an email message that will require me to input a code to allow me to read the message. That is highly unusual. First of all, when you received an email of this type that requires you to enter something, be immediately cautious.

Check the sender of the email and verify that you know the person. If you don’t know the person, don’t open the message. But if you know the person who sent it, contact that person first and ask him or her if he or she sent the message. If not then obviously you should delete the message.

I guess that supposed encryption code is not actually an encryption code. The sender only wants you to be curious and believe that the message is really encrypted. And when you enter the fake code, the script embedded in the message starts working and penetrating your system. Since I think your computer is already infected, try doing a full system scan after updating your antivirus.

And next time, don’t immediately believe on the contents of an email message especially if it came from an unknown person. It should be a lesson to you.

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