Virus that crashes Windows OS doesn’t work on Android OS

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Recently I had to download a file from a USB that I can't get anywhere else. Problem was, this USB was corrupted with a virus or a worm that crashes the computer's OS the minute it is plugged in. I rather needed this file badly and as it is saved on this USB stick only, I had a dilemma. Risk crashing my OS, or be unable to get the file?

Then I had an idea. I plugged the USB on my tablet which had Android as its OS and copied just the file from the USb to my tablet's memory. I was then able to get the file from my tablet's memory, with no virus or worms. Could it be that the virus or worm that the USB had works only on Windows OS, and not on Android?

The tablet did not crash or slow down, and no virus alert came up.

What do you think of this?


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Virus that crashes Windows OS doesn’t work on Android OS


yes that  can be true. because windows operating systems based on its own kernel and android operating system is based on Linux kernel in simple word you can have the source code for the Android operating system freely. because it is open source project. but in windows you will not able to  have the source  code which they have used to create windows operating system. Intruders and virus makers always try to do new things. fortunately they have all the source codes and all the information about android operating system because it free. but its a revenge for those cyberpunks and virus creators to create viruses for windows. that why they always create viruses for the windows environment. there are some viruses for the android also but not like windows. virus code will work on specific environment which it able to work not in every platforms. so you don't need to worry. it can happen

thank you

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