VirtualBox failed to attach USB device to the virtual machine

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When I try to attach the USB device to the virtual Machine Ubuntu, I ended up with an error message. The error says that the USB device is busy with a previous request. Please try again later. To my knowledge, there is no previous request. How do I cancel the previous request? Please help me to connect the device. Thanks a lot.


VirtualBox – Error

Failed to attach the USB device Unknown device to the virtual machine Ubuntu.

USB device ‘USBtiny’ with UUID {7149a6cc-0cf-4fc2-bb67-41a662a10f3f} is busy with a provious request. Please try again later.


Resut code: E_INVALINDATG (0X80070057)

Component: HostUSBDevice

Interface: IHostUSBDecice {173b4b44-d268-4334-a00d-b6521c9a740a}

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VirtualBox failed to attach USB device to the virtual machine


Your VirtualBox seems to have trouble attaching the USB device to your guest OS. Here are the ways to troubleshoot this issue.

First, update to the latest VirtualBox. It is recommended for having the best performance and improvements with virtual devices. Download VirtualBox. Also, download and install the VirtualBox Extension Pack.

If you still fail to attach the USB device, try to do the following thing:

  1. Attach your USB device to your PC.
  2. From Windows Explorer, eject it.
  3. Start your “Ubuntu” virtual machine.
  4. From the upper ribbon, select “Devices” >> <your_USB_device>.

This will attach the device into the guest OS. Now, mount the USB device inside your virtual PC.

If it still fails,

  1. Plug-in your USB drive.
  2. Start VirtualBox.
  3. Select your guest OS >> press “Settings” on the upper option with gear icon.
  4. From the left pane, select “USB”.
  5. Check “Enable USB Controller” and “Enable USB 2.0 (EHCI) Controller” box.
  6. From the left side ribbon, select “Add USB device” with the icon of USB port and a plus button.
  7. Select your USB device.
  8. Click “OK”.
  9. Launch your guest OS.
  10. VirtualBox will recognize that new device is added. Select “No, Not this time” radio button >> press “Next”.
  11. Now, check the radio button saying “Install the software automatically (Recommended)”.
  12. Complete the wizard processes.

Now, your virtual PC should recognize the USB device and mount it.

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