Virtual Machine for Windows 7 error

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Hi Techyvs,
I'm about to install Virtual Pc machine in Windows 2007. When I installed it the warning message came out:
Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Setup
Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Setup has stopped working
Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…
Every time I repeat the installation the setup will stopped working! I do the restart option but still the installation remains failed.
Is Virtual Pc working in Windows 7 operating system? On our school we use Windows Xp when using the Virtual Pc machine. Is it possible with
Windows 7? Why did the set up stops working? Do you have any idea how the installation couldn't be able to continue?
What would be my next move in order the installation will successfully completed.
Help anyone thanks

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Virtual Machine for Windows 7 error



Hi Marlone,
I just wondering if there is really Windows 2007 in the market because i collect many OS Versions and can't still find Windows 2007, even if i search online nothing will appear. The closest is the Windows 7, i just assume that's what you mean it. Okay, You want to install Virtual Machine 2007 SP1 to Windows 7 i think that's what your point. I'm sorry to tell you that Windows 7 is not supported to function with Microsoft Virtual Machine 2007 SP1. I don't know who is the update is it Windows 7 or Microsoft Virtual Machine 2007 SP1. Since this is not capable, I suggest you in install Windows Vista to make sure it will run. Which is ideal on Windows 7. Just make sure it is genuine so that you will not encountering problems in future.
Tony Stevenson.

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