Virtual DJ memory error message on Windows

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I have the Virtual DJ software installed on my Windows Vista machine 32 bit edition. When I am trying to load the DJ deck on my machine I am getting an error message

Decompressing this file in memory would require 44MB of contiguous memory.

Your system has a total of 147MB available free segments (out of  The 2047MB), and they are too fragmented to hold a contiguous buffer.

Therefore, the song will be loaded on-the-fly from the drive (and the  full waveform preview will not be available).

I have tried with different formats like .mps also, but it comes up with the same error message. This error message pops up with the video files also.

Any help is appreciated.

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Virtual DJ memory error message on Windows


Dear Michael,

  • This issue usually comes with vista 32-bit, you should try 64-bit windows for resolving this issue or uninstall entire ATI driver suite ; then download and launch registry cleanup software. Restart your system ; then reinstall all older ATI drivers ( from 1/10). By doing this, your issue will be resolved. OR
  • Try 7.02 version instead of 7.03 & 7.04. Version 7.02 is best and error / bug free.

Take Care,


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Virtual DJ memory error message on Windows


Hi good day, the cause of this issue, your memory modules may not be installed correctly and integrated graphics my use system memory, to resolved this kind of issue:

  • Check that the memory modules have been installed correctly and that proper modules are used.
  • Check the memory requirements for the application or add more memory to the computer.

There is another option to fix you memory:

  1. Right click to My Computer icon then click Advance
  2. Find Startup and Recovery Click Settings
  3. Then on Startup Recovery find “Write debugging Information.
  4. Set the memory you what to select.

Thank you. Hope it helps.



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