VirtIE6 and Java JRE 6 update 10 Run As Popup

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Hi everyone,

I want to get some help for another question here. We use Java 6 update 10 in our sites. After we started to use Windows 7, we decided to use VIRTie6 and capture Java in that bundle.

We tried to run the thin apps IE6/jre6u10 package. Then we got a Run As Popup. That is the problem I have. If we click ok, it works fine but we want to stop it's displaying to our users because this happens every session. Here is the snapshot of the Popup.
We tried these things to solve this trouble.
1. Copied locally and took ownership of files
2. RUN as administrator
3. Original package with Wyse packaged java
4. Reinstalled by using Wyse packaged MSI
5. Repackage of Java from Oracle on a different packaging machine
6. Tried package in an another PC
7. Repackaged Java and IE6 and turned on independent PCCCC
Our packaging machine operating system is Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Thinapp 4.7.
We have captured other versions of java with IE6 according to the VMware instructions.
This trouble only occurs for JRE6U10.
Which user account do you want to use to run this program?
Current user
protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity
This option can prevent computer viruses from harming your computer or personal data,but selecting it might cause the program to function improperly.
We are waiting for a solution hopefully.
Thanks a lot.
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VirtIE6 and Java JRE 6 update 10 Run As Popup


The procedure that you are following is a bit confusing and there are few things that you need to re configure in order to work perfectly.

  1. First download the latest version from the SUN website of both the java and the jre.
  2. After the download is completed, make sure that you log in as administrator to the computer. Make sure that you have all the administrative privileges for doing the steps below.
  3. Run the program as administrator by right clicking them, it will prompt a window, allow it.
  4. Select the basic options during the installation and leave other options intact.
  5. After the installation is finished, run the program again by right clicking and choosing Run as Administrator.

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