Video is dimmed after editing

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Hey friends,

I have a Samsung 7mega pixel Digital Camera. It also has the video option. Its video quality looks very well in both PC and its own LCD. But the problem is when I edit them and add effects through some video editing software, (e. g. – Ulead Video Studio) its quality becomes too bad.

Furthermore, when I save the video on (*.avi / *.mpg) format it takes too much hard disk space. That is not the major problem because I use 500 gigabyte hard disk. The major problem is the video quality. I have tried every possible setting on the video saving option. But, every times I got same result. But when I import some good formatted files like music videos into the editing software, it results well. So my question is what is the problem with the videos of my Digital Camera’s videos?

Why they become so many odes and dim when I edit them? Is there any other video editing software which keeps the video quality as good as the raw video? I will be very pleased after getting help.

Thank you very much.

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Video is dimmed after editing


Hello Perez,

It is a common problem. But the software, such as:

  1. Corel Video Studio Pro X 2
  2. Cyber Link Power Director
  3. Adobe Premier elements
  4. The Sony Vegas Studio Premier

This type of software keeps the video quality of 95-98%. Therefore, you can use.

And if you are concerned about the size, there are free out there such as virtual dub that allow you to encode your video at very small file sizes but maintain the quality of the encoding software. Learn how to encode your free movies with Virtual Dub and XVID encoders.

Below are links to this software:

You can also use Power Director video editing. To download and install the Director Power simply follow the instructions in the following video:

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Video is dimmed after editing


The problem is in pixels assigning to your video. Each video contain pixels on screen and our videos becomes with these pixels in this case of editing of video you need to increase the pixel ratio in your video and it will look good. Check the ratio of pixels in the video and when you need to change the format then also work on the pixel aspect ratio and you will get the best result for your video.

Also you need to check the frames for you r video. Frames are the scenes which describes how video will change over time you need to increase the ratio of your frames for good quality of your work. But keep in mind that increasing the values of both of these method will also increase the memory usage. So you need a thing with is perfectly matching your video. So set them at a ratio where these are perfect suites your scene.

karen cruise.

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