Video ActiveX 9 Object Error

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I can’t receive sound of my computer. No sound icon appears. I am receiving this error when I go to control panel and click at sound icon. Please tell me about this error. Also tell me how can I remove this error?

All detail of error is given below so that you can understand it easily.

Video ActiveX Object Error

            Video ActiveX Object Error:

            Your browser cannot display this video file.

            Your need to download new version of Video ActiveX

            Object to view this video file.

To download and install ActiveX Object click continues.

            Continue     Cancel      Details

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Video ActiveX 9 Object Error


Hi Mujulianaellen

  • It seems you have a codec/app problem. It means the computer lacks or requires an updated version of the software. This is to enable you to run the video file that you are trying to open. Upon reading the error have you tried to continue and download the said file? Have you installed it?
  • If not please do so. It may be the only way to solve the problem. But be sure you are using an admin account so that changes can be done. For it might need permission from an admin. 
  • Or you can just manually install by downloading it yourself from their site. then install.

Hope this helps

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Video ActiveX 9 Object Error


This error is nothing but a Trojan and use it as video codec and let you to download it to watch online video. When these Trojans are downloaded and installed it displays error to buy an anti-spyware software. To solve this error you have to do the following.

Kill all the running malware process. By pressing these keys. Ctrl+Alt+Del to display the task manager.

And close the following process.

  2. Uninst.exe
  3. Isfun.exe

And all related programs. Step two is deleting all related ActiveX and DLL files. Step three delete all the related registry entries to the malware program. Lastly, exit the registry editor and  restart the your computer.

Methos #2

You can save your time and your computer by scanning your computer with effective antivirus and anti-spyware tools

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Video ActiveX 9 Object Error


It seems that the error you see that pops up on the screen after clicking on the sound icon is far from what you are doing. The error is about a video ActiveX and you are not even opening any video file on your computer. This error will supposedly appear if you open a video file that requires ActiveX and most of the time only flash videos require ActiveX.

The dialog box really wants you to download something or else cancel the operation and thus preventing you from opening the audio device. Since the error is different from what you are doing, try checking if your system is not infected.

Update your antivirus then run a full system scan on your entire computer. I have a doubt that there is something malicious running in your system that’s causing that dialog box to appear. If the scan didn’t return any sign of infection in the system, try uninstalling your sound card and then install it back.

If doing this will also display that dialog box then check if you have Adobe Flash Player ActiveX installed. If you don’t, download it using this direct link: Adobe Flash Player ActiveX.

This downloads the latest version of Adobe Flash Player ActiveX.

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Video ActiveX 9 Object Error


Hello Mujulianaellen,

You can solve this issue by following  another techniques. Here I have mentioned a Techyv page where you will get more techniques to resolve this issue.

Error of browser to play video file in internet

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