Verification failed with 1 errors at the end of process

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Hello there,

Today I made some updates to my PC and when I tried to open Microsoft Exchange this error appeared. I have reinstalled the latest version of Microsoft Exchange and I still have this error. Does anyone can help me to fix this ?

Thank you !



Error 1:

Found error in:

1/world.wide.internet/ with meesage:

The configuration specified for ModuleGroupPopulationDataSource is not valid.

:Cannot find specified MPEIement world.wide.internet.group12 in expression: $MPEIement


Cannot find ManagementPackElement [Type=ManagementPackElement,

ID=world.wide.internet.group12] in management pack ManagementPack:

[Name=world.wide.internet, Key Token=, Version1.0.0.16].


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Verification failed with 1 errors at the end of process




There doesn't appear to be a fix for this issue or information, provided by the producer, pertaining to what may be the problem. It is an error that most likely stems from naming bugs and missing .dlls during the upgrade. You have two good options: you can revert to your original, functioning install or you can attempt to solve your problem by contacting the Microsoft tech support with your issue. Utilize the system restore function of your PC to revert your system. Also, access the settings of your system update. Make sure that they are not automatic. You must manually select the updates you would like, or you will encounter this issue again.

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