VB2005 and Net 2.0 Query problems

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Hello everyone! I've been looking for the solution to a problem that's related to my work. I have posted my question in a number of forums, but so far, no one is able to help me out with my problem. Using my code in  VB2005 and Net 2.0, I have to query Active list and address the following problems:

1. I have to choose just where "title" is empty
2. I have to LIKE on sAMAccountName

I've tried to solve these problems in various ways, but I always get the following error:


System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: 'ADSDSOObject' failed with no error message available, result code: DB_E_ERRORSINCOMMAND(0x80040E14).


I tried to omit the "title" and "sAMAccountName", and the query runs well again.
Please help me. Thank you very much in advance.

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VB2005 and Net 2.0 Query problems



You need to create the code with the visual basic and Microsoft power point for macro and the code you are showing that is somehow correct code. I yet have not created such macro code but the code you have shown here is looking correct and it will create the function you want. Hope this solution will help you getting out of the rid.

1. As you have created the website and the checkbox is not working properly so you should on the line in the error and the character in the line has problem so. Go to that line. Find the character. Replace the character and put the small size value of the character. As the value of the character has exceeded so you should use the character of the small value and then run the site it will solve your problem.

2.  The other possibility is that the software you are using has been corrupted and as you said you have not used that software for the previous 2 months and after 2 months you are using that software but it is not working properly so this is the problem that your software has been corrupted and there is a file or something which has been missed and due to that factor you are facing this problem so the solution is that uninstall this software again and again install this software and run this will solve your problem. Hope this solution will help you getting out of this problem and get rid of this problem.

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VB2005 and Net 2.0 Query problems


Hello expert,

I have re-installed my software and changed some characters with small value. Thank you so much it did helped me get rid of my problem.

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