Using Windows XP OS receive the error message using the Firebird

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I am using Windows XP OS and I receive the following error message using the Firebird. What I do to fix it? Can you provide me the best solution to resolve this problem? I would be grateful to you. Thanks.

Database file appears corrupt


Unable to retrieve user list.

Detail Message:

Database file appears corrupt (C:PROGRAM


wrong page type

page 67 is not wrong type (expected 6, found5)

database file appears corrupt (Ăéæı)


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Using Windows XP OS receive the error message using the Firebird

Hi there Walter W Pilon,
The error says that your User database is corrupted and cannot be opened. There are several ways you can try to fix it.
The easiest way to fix the corrupted database is by using some repair tool. IBSurgeon is a great tool I'd like to recommend you to try. You can find it at the following link: Once you've downloaded and installed it, run the software, import the database that needs to be fixed and follow the wizard. IBSurgeon will do the rest on its own.

You can also try to open the database in the database editor and remove problematic records if you prefer repairing the database manually.

Best regards,

Drake Vivian

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