Using System Admin Tools For Windows 7 And Configuring The Windows 7 System Admin Tool Remotely.

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Where can we find the system admin tools for windows 7 based operating system and how can we configure the setting in the windows 7 operating system remotely?

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Using System Admin Tools For Windows 7 And Configuring The Windows 7 System Admin Tool Remotely.


We can find the Windows admin tools in the system preinstalled but in the case, you don’t have it preinstalled in your windows system then, we need to download a software from the net which is called as Microsoft remote administrative tools for windows 7.

Then on the net, you can find something which is called as AMD followed by some ID with an.MSU extension. Once you have downloaded that file follows these steps:

Step 1: open the file where you have downloaded using the name and the directory where it has been saved. If your using a server then it will be downloaded and saved in the file path where there is path mentioned in the server directory.

Step 2: Now click on the icon and let the software install.

Step 3: once you click on the icon you need to agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 4: once you have clicked on the“I agree” button then you will be taken to the next step from where on you will be clicking “NEXT” button until you reach the final stage where it will be written on a button “FINISH”.

Step 5: After the completion of the Installation of the software go the control panel.

Step 6: After going to the control panel click on the programs and features.

Step 7: After going to the programs and features click on the Turn windows features on or off.

Step 8: Scroll down until you see remote server administration tools.

Step 9: You will find a “+ button” click on that button to have a more comprehensive list of the things and services that the windows server is giving you.

Step 10: Expand all the files in the role administrative tools and then you will find something called as service tools.

Step 11: once you are in the file service tools there you can find three options:

  1. Distributed file system tools
  2. File server resource manager tools
  3. Share and storage management tools

Step 12:  select the 3rd option which is the share and storage management tools. Which come handy in the regular uses.

Step 13: now click on the “Ok” Button.

(It will take a few seconds to complete and apply the changes what we have made)

Step 14: After the completion of the process go to Start.

Step 15: Go to all programs and click on Administration Tools.

In the administration tools, you will find all the administration tools which can be used as the administrator for the Microsoft windows 7.

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