Using Ruby as a Programming Language

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I just started learning Ruby and I like how it easy it is.

What are the things I must know when using Ruby as my programming language of choice?

Does it have limitations?

Can it be compared to other programming languages like Perl, Python, and Java?

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Using Ruby as a Programming Language


Ruby is based from programming languages such as Perl and Lisp. It has a feature that gives focus on both functional and imperative side of programming language.

Ruby as a programming language has simple syntax thus avoiding confusion while writing the program. You must also bear in mind that each item is perceived as an object by this programming language. The major drawback for Ruby is it is a slow program. It is 10 times slower than java and 2 times slower than PHP. 

Compared to Java, Python and other programming languages Ruby has an end because of it's concise and simple syntax.

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Using Ruby as a Programming Language


I'm going through a discussion about Ruby and about what are you find here rocking to using Ruby on Rails as a programming language. Hope you may concentrate.

Actually Rails is such a  web framework, it can be used by programmers to speed up their web development.

The programming language Ruby is based on Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp. It was written to create a programming language that would be more powerful than Perl, and more object-oriented than Python.

Basically a new programmers first step is to choose a programming language that must help him with an easiness. But several time the most of the programming language remains fails. But it's an important point that, Ruby is taking place a new comer programmer's mind with its easy approach. Ruby's most highlighting matters is that, it makes simple and fast the creation of web application.

So you can take it easy and found it interesting using Ruby.

Ruby has some limitation also like the following-

  • Foreign keys in databases
  • Connections to multiple DB's at once
  • SOAP web services (since rails 2.0)
  • Connections to multiple database servers at once

Don't you feel happy?

I'm not gonna find out its limitations. Because you feel free while using this phenomenous programming language. So cheers!

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Using Ruby as a Programming Language


Hi Ariel Chu 

According to your question there is a nice Techyv's article which one will be helpful for you. Pay a visit that article and get more helpful tips.

Computer Programming Language: Python, Pearl and Ruby

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