Using the license of a laptop by three users

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I have bought a new laptop along with my friend. We would like to install MS-Office in that laptop. In order to save money, we had planned to buy one, which can be used by three users, so that we can share the price among us. I would like to know whether the license of that laptop could be used although, we are living in separate houses? 

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Using the license of a laptop by three users


Hi Celandine,

The software is only allowed to one computer. The computer who installed first the software has with license and the others are not. And based on the rules of END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT:

  • It should be One software to one computer.
The license of the software is permanently designate to the computer with which the software distribution has been made.
  • It should be One User to a computer with a licensed software.
  • You can use the software utilizing two processors provided that the licensed software can only be used to one computer.

Hope this will help you.


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Using the license of a laptop by three users


Hello Celadine,

If the license of the application that you want to install states that it can be used on three computers, then it is fine. You can go ahead and install it on the three computers.

For sure the license will work for the three computers regardless of where your friends are the main thing here that you should be careful not to use the license from any other computer apart from the three because when the three chances are exhausted, the application cannot be installed on any other computer.


Mahesh Babu

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