Using a laptop while its battery is removed

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Is it not advisable to remove the battery of a laptop when just using it at home? I am just worried that my battery will die early when I use it always. So I made it a habit to remove the battery when I am just at home to save the life of my battery.

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Using a laptop while its battery is removed


Laptop Batteries have a life span. If you remove the battery or simply use power chord, it will lengthen the life span of battery.
But to prolong your battery life you may have to consider other things like:

For eg: Li-Ion batteries work for 3-4 years if used under normal conditions. You can prolong your battery life by not exposing it to heat. keep it in a cool place.

To prolong battery life avoid fully charging it. Store it at 40% charge. Battery loses some energy due to self discharge as well. If you are not making use of your laptop or computer for a long time, fully discharge the battery and recharge it again.

Your laptop has power managing features. Use it. Put computer to sleep when inactive

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