Using @IF command in Lotus 1-2-3

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Here is my question in which your advices are needed regarding Lotus 1-2-3: Can I use the “@IF” command to determine a cell background color? Example: using “@IF(A1<16,B2,B3)” , could the B2 background be red if statement is true and grey if false? For me this is very challenging as the object cells will change accordingly.

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Using @IF command in Lotus 1-2-3


Hmm I don't know specifically that either you can do this or not but I have a better solution for this.

Whatever the condition is in @IF(A1<16,B2,B3) simply write a code inside that @IF block that would change the color to red and same block in the false for the grey color.

     color = "red"

Write any number of statements that you want inside these blocks that would determine or use the colors that you are assigning to the blocks. There is no restriction in changing the color of the blocks from inside the loops.

blocks from inside the loops.

However you can also give it a try to the approach that you are using. But I am not sure if it works correctly or not.

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