Using device tracking in Google efficiently

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Hello everyone! I recently bought an android tablet and I was just checking its features. There is this device tracking feature by Google, it provides the facility to track your device in case of a mishap. So I want to know that if somehow I lose my tablet or it is stolen, how I use the device tracking feature properly? Is there anything which needs to be activated in my tablet before the event where it gets lost so that I can find out the location?

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Using device tracking in Google efficiently


There are a few phone recovery or anti-theft apps on the Google Play Store. There are a few ways to remote control and trace your phone even if there is no recovery app installed.

You can use Google Android Device Manager to track and trace your lost device.


  • Your phone/tablet must be paired with your Google account
  • Your phone/tablet has access to the internet
  • Your phone/tablet has given permission for Android Device Manager (ADM) to track your device.  This is turned on by default. 
  • Your phone has given permission for ADM to lock your phone and erase all data.  This is turned off by default

The best thing ADM is that you don’t have to download any apps to be able to use it.  The only requirement is that your phone/tablet is connected to your Google account and is connected to the internet.

To enable ADM, follow the steps below:

  1. On your tablet, go the Google Settings app and click on Android Device Manager. 
  2. By default, the locator feature is enabled, but you need to manually enable to wipe data.  To do this, follow step 3
  3. Check the checkbox next to “Allow remote factory reset”
  4. Tap Activate

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